Dr.  Jose Luis Agostino

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Dr. José Agostino has invaluable experience in construction, oil and gas industry as well as corporate and financial experience. He has a PhD in Sciences Socio Economic University of Miami. He has a Bachelor’s degree in political science and Social communication a Bachelor’s degree in homeland security and in political science (Institute of political sciences).

He is an active protagonist of the defense  of human rights and social tasks in areas of extreme poverty. Planning health campaigns in underserved areas and construction of low cost housing.

He Works on Seminars on economy and Social Welfare, Econometrics in public works. Protection and development of indigenous communities, Homeland Security courses, Social work in communities with extreme poverty, Construction and financing social housing.  As well as Creator of solidarity bonds for Social assistance communities with high poverty rate.

He also leads commercial and financial consulting to multinational companies doing business in in Latin America and emerging markets.

Dr. José Agostino is also President of Plaza Imperial S.A., which is engaged in financing agricultural ventures and commodities trading with headquarters in Buenos Aires Argentina, Panama and Paraguay. He has extensive experience in local banking and international trade where he stays involved in today.

Dr. Alessandro Ciaccini

Financial Advisor

A UK Honorary Consul for Guinea-Bissau West Africa. He is domiciled in Lugano, Switzerland with offices in Lugano, Riga, Los Angeles and Hong Kong. He has a law degree, and a master’s degree in economic science in Lugano, Switzerland. His Excellency is advisor to many financial and Government institutions on many European financial and economic problems. He is an independent asset manager. Alessandro specializes in corporate finance and investment Banking.

Ali Johnson


Ali studied construction management and finance at the University of Westminster. Ali has experience and understanding of designing and executing projects. After his studies at Westminster University he worked for Frances biggest construction company Bouygues UK in a £244m construction of the Government Home Office Headquarter project.

Ali was also involved in the implementation of the Governments new multimillion Green Deal initiative which intends to make every home and business in the UK more energy efficient by the use of modern technology and services. Ali is an advocate of the modernization of society by the more efficient use of energy, as well as more efficient business processes and organization, and effective use of modern technology. Ali Is instrumental in providing project management experience to the Company.

Tomike Olafusi

Legal Advisor

Tomike has wealth of experience in the legal field. She is a lawyer expert on international law. She provides legal counsel to the company.

Ron Dvorkin

Director & Company Secretary

Ron is an entrepreneur with over 45 years experience working overseas, in Europe. China. Africa, the Caribbean, the Middle East and North & South America, and has travelled extensively all over the world, forging business partnerships with various Governments and Government Ministers. He has worked in Banking, Finance, energy and construction sectors and has many strong contacts. He has direct relationships with key leaders and Presidents which will ensure that the Company has a competitive edge when negotiating lucrative new project opportunities.

Robert Kennedy

Senior Advisor

Robert Kennedy joins Agostar Group PLC as a Senior Advisor to the board bringing over 40 years’ experience in the international business industry.

He was the founder and major shareholder of Caithness Petroleum and served as CEO from the time of the Company’s formation until August 2011.

Mr Kennedy was CEO of Anglo Siberian Oil Company PLC from 1992 until 2003, when it was acquired by Rosneft. Prior to this he was Director of International Negotiations with Kerr-McGee from 1976 to 1992. While at Kerr-McGee he was involved with the discovery and development of the Brae, Beatrice, Scott and Gryphon fields in the North Sea.

Previously he was with Sunningdale Oils Limited, a successful Canadian independent which made major oil discoveries and was purchased by Kerr-McGee in 1976. Robert read law at Clare College Cambridge and was awarded a BA degree, then attended Harvard Business School as a Harkness fellow and was awarded an MBA.

Pablo Sugastti

Regional Manager

Pablo is an electrical industrial engineer trained by the Universidade Tecnológica Federal do Paraná, Brazil. He worked in the regional electricity sector on projects in the generation, transmission and distribution area, in partnerships with General Electric Hydro, Landys & Gyr and other Paraguayan firms in the construction of Transmission Stations and Transmission lines.

Within his activity in the oil sector, he held the presidency of the state oil company Petróleos Paraguayos Petropar. He also participated in several projects in South America in the area of storage and transportation of liquid fuels.

In the river transport of bulk cargo, he actively participated in projects for integral logistics solutions in the Paraguay Paraná Hydrovia HPP, whether for cereals, minerals and petroleum derivatives.